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Trest professionals have collectively prepared, administered and provided advice on thousands of QDROs and other Orders  prepared in connection with public and private retirement plans nationwide (collectively “QDROs”).  Our team of QDRO experts administers QDROs for pension funds and employers, reviewing and approving/denying QDROs and working with the participants’ and alternate payees’ lawyers and other professionals to ensure that the QDRO is properly prepared and can be accepted by the plan.  Since we administer a significant volume of QDROs, we are able to offer our services for a flat fee of no more than five hundred dollars ($500), regardless of the amount of time expended by our professionals, until the instrument is certified by the court.  Our services are so complete that the employer virtually has no role in the process, which is highly desirable.

Our Services Include

  • Identification of Trest as the QDRO Administrator in plan documents, including our contact information (toll-free phone number, e-mail and facsimile number)
  • Providing QDRO instructions, the model QDRO and QDRO procedures to interested parties
  • Conference calls with participants, alternate payees and their representatives as needed
  • Review of the proposed QDROs for approval
  • Written comprehensive explanation of deficiencies and recommended corrections
  • Written response to appeals of QDRO denials in accordance with the claims procedures
  • Monthly status reports, conference calls, attendance at meetings
  • Establishment of a P.O. Box for receipt of QDROs and all correspondence
  • Preparation of model QDROs, QDRO manuals and QDRO procedures
  • Prepare plan amendments, summary plan description provisions to reflect the QDRO procedures
  • Written approval of QDROs provided to all required parties
  • Written denial of QDRO approval provided to all required parties
  • Benefit valuations, coordination with other plan service providers
  • Representing the plan sponsor’s interest in any QDRO related dispute
  • Resolution of QDRO issues with regulatory authorities

Our decades of experience with QDRO administration coupled with the depth of Trest’s comprehensive employee benefits services and efficiency of our fees, makes us the most prudent choice to service your QDRO administration needs.

COBRA Administration

When you choose COBRA compliance via our comprehensive and efficient administration service you enjoy considerable cost savings over administering COBRA in-house. We use highly sophisticated and reliable software that tracks COBRA continuation coverage eligibility.

FSA/DCAP Administration

We take the administrative burden out of offering a reimbursement program. We manage all aspects of administration and work closely with employers to ensure complete satisfaction, including seamless implementation, accurate ongoing administration, and dependable compliance.

Retiree Support and Billing

As baby boomers age, retiree numbers climb. It’s a challenge to help this influx of retirees deal with rising healthcare costs. Our retiree billing truly complements your overall healthcare benefits strategy. This employee benefits administration service ensures accuracy and timeliness while reducing demands on your Human Resources staff.

Nondiscrimination Testing

Trest has years of employee benefits experience supported by industry, governmental, and compliance experts. We take the guesswork out of these tests and help ensure compliance of your various employee benefits plans.

Forms 5500

Penalties for failure to comply with IRS regulations can be costly. Trest has the skill and experience to satisfy Form 5500 filing requirements for your employer-sponsored health and welfare benefits.

ERISA Compliance

Trest ensures that your plan complies with ERISA’s ever changing requirements in order to avoid costly audits and litigation. Trest manages all necessary documents, forms, and record keeping.

HIPAA Compliance

Trrest’s HIPAA Compliance service removes employee burden to research need and create documents. We provide the various required documents, and our pre-recorded presentations help outline responsibilities for staff.