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Our goal is to ensure that employees understand and appreciate the value of the benefits offered, and to send the right message to employees to encourage them to participate in the plans you sponsor. We believe that a successful benefits communication strategy includes the dissemination of written materials, as well as the use of technology due to the fact that employees understand and retain information differently.

Simply making written summaries available to employees is typically an unsuccessful communications strategy. Accordingly, our approach involves actual instruction in a manner which allows employees to have their questions answered as opposed to guessing how to best utilize the offered benefits arrangements.

Benefits communications and instruction will be customized to the plans you sponsor, and will include the coherent communication of important information. We propose holding live classroom seminars, hosting virtual seminars and making self-study available online. Additionally, we believe that year around benefits communication, through newsletters and reminders, is essential to successful benefit utilization in order to keep employees engaged and informed of the most current information.

Culturally Focused

Our communications strategy therefore visually reflects inclusion and is culturally and linguistically appropriate. We pride ourselves on accommodating employees with disabilities, by ensuring that our benefits communications are accessible to all.

Live Classroom Seminar

In our live classroom seminars, our professionals teach hands-on at your desired location. Our courses are lively and enjoyable, with great discussion, sharing and life changing information.

Webinar Virtual Seminar

Trest provides a Virtual Webinar Seminar platform, which is a live meeting that takes place over the web. Participants can see the instructor live as well as the PowerPoint and other documents via their computers, while shared audio allows for presentation and discussion.

Self-Study Course (On-Line)

We offer a prerecorded cloud-based video and a narrated PowerPoint course, based upon the organization’s specifications, which allows employees to take the course at their leisure. The individuals are able to pick-up where they left off in the seminar.