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We offer a prerecorded cloud-based video and a narrated PowerPoint course, based upon the organization’s specifications, which allows employees to take the course at their leisure. The course is taught in the same manner as the live in-classroom course. The subscription allows employees’ 24-hour access to the course for a one-month (or longer) period. People learn in many different ways. Some like reading, others listening, and others watching. An online self-study course can offer many different ways of learning to engage the student and accommodate their schedule.

This unlimited access allows employees to learn the information at their own pace by logging on from any location, with the limitless capability to replay, stop and start the course. The subscription allows employees to enjoy the course with a spouse or loved ones and without interrupting the workday. Employees receive study materials and can email us with their questions. We provide the login credentials.

Digital Chalk Technology

Trest uses Digital Chalk online training software that gives students the ability to login to and take a course. Each employee is given unique login credentials and has the ability to take their course over as long a period of time as the employee needs. The employee is able to view the same PowerPoint that is presented in the live classroom setting. Importantly, the PowePoint is narrated. This means that the video and audio teaches the lesson in the same manner as the live classroom setting. When logging in each employee has a dashboard with their course appearing. The individuals are able to pick-up where they left off in the seminar.

Culturally Focused

Our communications strategy therefore visually reflects inclusion and is culturally and linguistically appropriate. We pride ourselves on accommodating employees with disabilities, by ensuring that our benefits communications are accessible to all.

Benefits Communication Strategy

Benefits communications and instruction will be customized to the plans you sponsor, and will include the coherent communication of important information.

Live Classroom Seminar

In our live classroom seminars, our professionals teach hands-on at your desired location. Our courses are lively and enjoyable, with great discussion, sharing and life changing information.

Webinar Virtual Seminar

Trest provides a Virtual Webinar Seminar platform, which is a live meeting that takes place over the web. Participants can see the instructor live as well as the PowerPoint and other documents via their computers, while shared audio allows for presentation and discussion.