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Trest provides a Virtual Webinar Seminar platform, which is a live meeting that takes place over the web. Participants can see the instructor live as well as the PowerPoint and other documents via their computers, while shared audio allows for presentation and discussion. Our PowerPoints are customized based upon the organization’s specifications, well-organized and easy to follow. We also provide students with an emailed copy of a study guide to allow them to follow the Seminar and take notes.

At times, you need to provide benefits training to people that are dispersed geographically. They may be in various buildings or working from home. You could send a trainer out to each area or you could have participants come to a central location. There would be considerable cost, travel and time involved. Our Webinar online training is a great alternative. There would be no need for travel and each participant could save quite a bit of time and take the training in the office/home. Webinars are taught in the same manner as our live seminars. Our courses are lively and enjoyable, with a lot of great discussion, sharing and life changing information.

WEBEX Technology

Trest uses Cisco WebEx as the host for Webinar Events. The platform allows our professionals to conduct meetings over the Web, without interruption, providing video and audio as well as the presentation of the course PowerPoint. WebEx provides high-quality video (360p) which supports up to 500 participants at one time. The technology we use also provides us with the following features: ability to utilize all Advanced Registration tools and Reporting (attendance reports and poll/survey reports); ability for Private Q&A and chat w/ controls; ability to conduct live polls and surveys during meetings; ability to share PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Web pages, desktop, audio, and video; ability to see if the participants are paying attention to Webinar; automated email management for all attendees (reminder emails, registration emails/rules, post event email surveys); record & Playback; unlimited recordings; integrated Audio Service (gives host/presenter total control of the meeting both data and audio – ability to mute, see who’s talking, & record).

We receive unlimited 24×7 technical support. The audio: Includes toll (long distance), VoIP conference and Audio Broadcast. WebEx also co-brands the host site that participants will visit in order to join the Webinar.

Culturally Focused

Our communications strategy therefore visually reflects inclusion and is culturally and linguistically appropriate. We pride ourselves on accommodating employees with disabilities, by ensuring that our benefits communications are accessible to all.

Benefits Communication Strategy

Benefits communications and instruction will be customized to the plans you sponsor, and will include the coherent communication of important information.

Live Classroom Seminar

In our live classroom seminars, our professionals teach hands-on at your desired location. Our courses are lively and enjoyable, with great discussion, sharing and life changing information.

Self-Study Course (On-Line)

We offer a prerecorded cloud-based video and a narrated PowerPoint course, based upon the organization’s specifications, which allows employees to take the course at their leisure. The individuals are able to pick-up where they left off in the seminar.