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Trest performs preemptive audits of plan documentation, operation and administration. Our professionals review plan documents for regulatory compliance, review service agreements to ensure the reasonableness of the fees and terms, ensure the absence of fiduciary breaches and prohibited transactions, conduct interviews with internal benefits professionals and review regulatory filings and material participant communications, compensation and benefits committee minutes, and information regarding pending employee benefit disputes, in addition to other documentation. Trest prepares a comprehensive Compliance Report that summarizes our review, identifying areas of noncompliance as well as recommendations for self-correction or the use of other IRS and DOL Amnesty programs. Our professionals perform the corrective work to ensure easily passing any subsequent examination by regulatory authorities and to identify possible litigation exposure.

Government Plans

Our employee benefits lawyers and consultants are experienced in counseling Federal, State and local levels of government on the operation and administration of public sector retirement and health and welfare plans.

Retirement Plans

Our professionals assist the client with defining their goals and objectives in offering defined contribution, defined benefit and executive retirement benefits and strategically recommends designs based upon the client’s intentions.

Health & Welfare Plans

Trest professionals design a variety of health and welfare plans and programs and manage the plan sponsor’s vendor relationships. We also assist with the design of insured and self-funded arrangements.

Participant Communications

We bring a broad knowledge of best practices to our benefits communications strategy, and ensure that the complexity, tone and presentation is appropriate for the audience.

Fiduciary Advice and Governance

Our talented employee benefits lawyers have decades of experience advising plan fiduciaries on their fiduciary duties, and on the avoidance of fiduciary status.

Alternative Benefits

Trest is highly knowledgeable about the vast universe of alternative benefit options that employers may offer their employees either as a supplement to or in lieu of other benefit offerings, and can locate providers of virtually any benefit that comes to mind.

Classification and Compensation Studies

Trest conducts classification, compensation and benefit studies, and comparative and gap analysis, which is often utilized by our clients to develop a multi-year compensation and benefits strategy.