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An important aspect of mergers and acquisitions involves addressing employee benefits integration issues. Trest regularly conducts due diligence on the employee benefits arrangements maintained by buyers and sellers to ensure the absence of hidden liabilities and operational failures that jeopardize regulatory compliance and tax status. We also advise employers on how to integrate employee benefits arrangements in a seamless manner. Maintaining employee morale during transactions can prove to be a difficult task – that’s why we work carefully to ensure that benefits are not interrupted during transactions and that employees don’t have the perception that their benefits have been adversely affected. We make recommendations on pre-closing and post-closing benefits integration and dispositions, write the applicable portion of the purchase agreement and work with other service providers to address the disposition of benefits.

Health & Welfare Plans

Trest professionals design a variety of health and welfare plans and programs and manage the plan sponsor’s vendor relationships. Our skilled professionals have decades of experience in designing such arrangements to meet the employer’s specifications and to comply with the applicable laws.

HIPAA Compliance

Trest professionals are experienced in advising employers regarding the HIPAA portability, nondiscrimination, privacy and security requirements. Trest provides HIPAA administration services as well.

Participant Communications

We bring a broad knowledge of best practices to our benefits communications strategy, and ensure that the complexity, tone and presentation is appropriate for the audience. Trest’s professionals include bilingual communication specialists with years of experience preparing employee benefit plan communications.

Compliance Audits

Trest performs preemptive audits of plan documentation, operation and administration to enable plan sponsors to correct non-compliance prior to a regulatory examination, which allows the avoidance of costly fees and penalties. Trest prepares a comprehensive Compliance Report that summarizes our review.

Forms 5500

Trest works directly with the plan sponsor and the service providers to obtain the information necessary to prepare the Form 5500 and all of the applicable schedules, as Forms 5500 are the most important informational returns filed on behalf of employee benefits plans with the content easily subjecting the employee benefit arrangement to costly regulatory examination.